Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our new Look

I am sure many of you have noticed our new look. We are really pleased with how everything has turned out and with rumors (almost) confirmed we are expanding to embroidery!!!

Shh.hhh...... contain your excitement!! my mom says dad is going to be begging to have the cuff of all his button-ups monogrammed. hehe.

And....... we are also expanding to making Jewelry!!!!!

{the "catalog" collection has been made and now we just need to find the time to photograph and upload to our etsy shop. Yep, etsy shop, now you can purchase your items online in a safe and secure manner!! The long weekend is intended to catch up on all these wonderful things.}

 and possibly, if we can find the time, talk Candace into  it, adding some custom paintings to the line. 

Stay tuned for all these new exciting ventures!

btw, Roll Tide!!!!

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