Sunday, October 24, 2010

.Moss Quatrefoil Wreath.Tutorial

My sister is a Phi Mu and before their recent recruitment she asked if I could make a wreath for their front door. 

I have seen several versions of a quatrefoil wreath and wanted to add my "spin" on one.

Step 1.   purchase 2 styrofoam wreath's, 2 packages of sheet moss.
My wreath is a pretty big size so I used 2 12" wreaths.
Step 2. Gather a sharp knife, utility or i just used a dull kitchen knife, a hot glue gun, and some straight pins.

Step 3. Cut each of the two wreath's in half.
Step 4.Lay out the 4 halves into the quatrefoil shape.

Step 5. Use your knife to cut small 9 degree angles into the corners; this is where i used straight pins to               help the wreath maintain its shape while you cut.

Step 6. Cut a 4" wide strip and stretch into one of the four corners. Begin using the gluegun and gluing in small strips and use the straightpins to keep the moss firmly in the corners. 

Step 7. Complete all four corners; then work your way into the middle of the wreath.
Step 8. Add ribbon and hang on your favorite front door. 

Unfortunately I never made my way over to the sorority house to take a pic of the door so I will upload a pic from my phone in a seperate post. 

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