Monday, May 17, 2010

A modern room for Maksim

My friend Angela, (whom I have known since high school) has graciously asked me to make the bedding for her little one due to arrive in September.Here is her post on what inspired her and helped her pick out what she did.

Angela was an Interior Design major at Mississippi College and boy does this girl have style!!!

I just wanted to take this time as I begin to work on this little blessings bedding to lift him up to the lord. So often us mommies get caught up in the "material things" which entail a child joining our families and forget what really matters. We are given the rare and brief opportunity to train a child in the way he should go, even when he is old.

Join me in lifting Maksim up to Jesus,

Dear Heavenly Father,
I just want to lift this child up to you lord, keep him safe until he arrives here with us, help him to grown strong. I pray that as he lays his sweet little head on his earthly bed, that you bless his mommy and daddy, you protect him and enable his parents to teach him your ways. Be with Angela and give her patience, and lots of rest so she can begin to instill your love and grace and mercy into his heart and mind, thank you for this child lord, Amen.

Can't wait to share the progress with you guys, stay tuned!!

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