Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DIY Pillow

As many of you know i have been in the process of redoing my bedroom. A little bit at a time so it may be a while before i am finished.
oh wow... this pillow is great. i think i shall print screen it. Showed it to the hubs, his response "cool, you gunna make that yourself??" Sure am was my reply!!!

Bought some Linen fabric from Hobby Lobby and a couple squares of off white felt.

Hand drew the images, sewed them on, finished the egdes.
and Voila, a few short days later here she is. I purposely off set the birds to make them look as if they were flying to each other to kiss. Very pleased with how it turned out.

Fabric $7.00
Felt $2.00

Cost of Serena and Lily Pilow $112.00
Cost of my pillow $10.29!!!!

What do you think

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  1. Nice, Jenny Beth! Wish I had a sewing machine!